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Up to my usual browsing, found this ABC article. Before clicking on it, I thought it might be an interesting read. But after reading the first sentence I was put off.

Why do so many people hold beliefs that are clearly false? A recent story on said 80 million Americans believe we have been visited by aliens from another planet, and numerous studies show that millions of people believe in ghosts, extrasensory perception and, of course, alien abductions.

An article that questions why people believe in things, has the above as its first paragraph. Do you sense the irony?

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Living in North America means that I’ve been subjected to a lot North American culture. North America has its pitfalls and successes. There are a lot of people here however that like bitching and complaining about how much better things are in Europe. How much hotter the girls are, how much better the beer tastes and how much smarter the average person is.

Well this post is dedicated to shattering those people’s illusions (you know who you are). The truth is that people are people no matter where on the world you pluck them out from. As expected you’re probably experiencing a strong dissonant reaction to this, but it must be said. Stupidity is just as prevalent in Europe as here.

Don’t agree, watch this video and meet me on the dark side.

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On-Ramp Madness


Today’s post is not really inspired by any new article or story. Today’s post is a result of daily frustration inflicted upon me by incompetent drivers.

There’s obviously a lot to be discussed. However I will concentrate my hatred on those that went through driving school, have been driving for god-knows how long and still have not understood the point of an on-ramp or a merge lane.

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Guns For All

USA Guns

Been kind of busy and lazy lately. Putting bashful opinions together is harder than it seems. Anyway, today’s paradox comes from the United States of America, or USA for short. By the way why don’t people say USA anymore? Everybody seems to have moved to a shorter and simpler US (pronounced YOU-ASS).

Word on the street is that 22,000 students are trying to make guns legal on campus. The argument is pretty solid, the Columbine and VT shootings wouldn’t have transpired like they had, had everybody been allowed to bring a gun….

I like putting ellipsis at the end of ridiculous claims, during which I physically make the “oh you’re really that retarded?” face. Read the article, formulate your opinion and catch me after the jump.

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ESP Reactions

Robot Eye

Lately I’ve been a lot busier than even I am used to being. As such I haven’t had the time to consider articles for discussion. Fortunately it is the Easter weekend and free time is a bit more abundant.

I was reading an article called “Ask iGod” which I stumbled on to from the “On the Internet nobody knows you’re a God” article. Neither was really intriguing in on of itself. However I did find a site I’ve visited in the past which has jolted my curiosity.

The site is an ESP experiment. For those of you who are not familiar with the abbreviation “ESP”, it stands for extrasensory perception. The site is conducting an ESP experiment. Please do check it out and participate in the short experiment. While it is a fascinating experiment, the explanations of how people think it works, are short of gold.

Check it out and read on.

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This morning I stumbled upon an extremely powerful and intriguing piece from the TED: Ideas worth spreading 2008 talks. Before I attempt to make sense of this mixture of madness and euphoria, I highly recommend that you take the time to watch this brave women retell her story of a stroke. Jill Bolte Taylor is a neuroanatomist, and she relives her incredible experience of the power and mystery of the brain, from the inside out.

Click on the image to view video…

Jill Bolte Taylor

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